E-Commerce Web Design

An e-commerce website is an essential addition to any business that relies on sales, whether its direct to consumers, or to other businesses. Used in conjunction with a traditional brick and mortar shop, or standalone as the sole sales channel, an e-commerce website brings a wide range of benefits to your business and your customers.

An e-commerce site can be so much more than just an online shop. It can be used: to sell physical and digital products, manage memberships and sell event tickets, sell customisable products such as a takeaway and so much more. The possibilities are limitless. Get in touch with us today to see how you could benefit from an e-commerce site.

Overcome geographic boundaries

With an e-commerce site you are no longer geographically bound to a specific client base, you can sell nationally or globally with ease.

Customers no longer have to spend time travelling and then find a parking space in order to make a purchase, they can now shop with ease from anywhere, at any time.

Sell to customers 24x7

You can sell to customers 24x7, and process the orders easily during your normal working day.

With our solutions, you can choose to have orders automatically printed out when payment is completed, leaving you more time to fulfil and dispatch the order.

Manage Memberships and subscriptions with ease

If you offer a subscription or membership based service, these can be managed with ease using our solutions.

Whether you want customers to be able to set up and manage direct debits, order event tickets or view pages only after they've paid, our solutions are totally bespoke to your needs.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing can be one the biggest expense for any retail business.

Targeted marketing allows you to better spend your budget, by knowing more about your customers and potential customers. This can include adverts on social media containing previously viewed products, or directed emails to let them know about the latest offers and deals.

Advanced analytics let you know exactly how customers use your site, what they view most, and what they've left in their basket.

Our Process


We’ll work with you to plan the content for your new website, making sure it appeals to your target market.

We’ll look at all your content – from text to images, calls-to-action, user journeys and more to make sure they are the best they can be.

We'll also help define new business processes for you that build upon your new website.


Design is a crucial element for any new website, and our process takes you through mood boards, initial concepts and development.

We'll work with you to your companies colour palette if you don't have one, helping you to achieve a consistent and professional look across your website, social and print media.


All of our WordPress development is done in-house by our designer-developers. Nothing goes off-shore and you’ll speak to the person that’s directly responsible for delivering your new website, giving you regular updates as the build progresses.

All our websites are built to be responsive, so work seamlessly on mobile devices as well as computers. We test all of our sites fully to iron out any issues prior to going live.

Responsive Design

More than 50% of all web traffic now comes from mobile phones and tablets. We make sure every site we build looks good on mobile as well as desktop.

Full Site Setup

We don't just do design and development. We also manage domains, hosting and maintenance, as well as providing on-going support and training.

Custom Domain Name

We can secure a suitable domain name for your business, or you can use your existing one if you would prefer. We can also manage your domains to keep them updated.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the world's leading analytics software, and allows you to easily track your visitor numbers and other key metrics to report on the performance of your site.

SEO Friendly

We ensure all our sites are well coded and easy to crawl for all search engines. We can also provide you guidance on optimising your content for search engines.

Fast & Secure

Customers won't wait 10 seconds for your site to load. If it's not loaded within a few seconds, you've lost the customer. We make sure all our sites load super fast to give your visitors the best experience possible.

UK Hosting

Our sites are hosted on blazing fast web servers using SSD's, right here in the UK. This means your data never leaves the country, making data protection compliance a breeze.

Easy to Update

Easily update content and add posts using the world leading WordPress Content Management System, with us giving you support and guidance.

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