Isn’t WordPress just for blogs?

Posted on 2nd October 2017 Under WordPress

A little history on WordPress

WordPress first appeared in 2003, and at first was mainly used for blogs. Being an open source system, it soon caught the attention of developers, who began creating themes and plugins for it. Themes are based around stylesheets which alter how the site is displayed, from layout to colours and font-type. Plugins are extra pieces of code, often very complex, which add extra functionality to the WordPress installation. You can add plugins from other developers or create your own. The first plugins were based around adding extra functionality to blogs, but this wouldn’t last forever. Within 5 years, WordPress had started to cement itself as a fully fledged Content Management System, competing with the likes of Joomla! and Drupal.

As time has progressed, more plugins and themes have become available, and the number of sites running WordPress have grown exponentially. Now over 60 millions websites worldwide run it, making it one of the most popular and well supported content management systems out there. Vs

Whilst the core WordPress system is the same, and are very different. The main difference is with .org, you download the software and host your own site, or you have someone, like Ninebox do it for you. You can have whatever design you want, whatever customisations to the code you want in order to achieve your objectives. is a hosted service, where you add your content to their servers, and is much better suited for individual blogs as it has minimal costs, but very limited functionality.